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Video Production Services You Need to Succeed

SeriousNews is a video production company in Winnipeg.  They offer the best video production services. Specializing in producing the following types of videos for our clients.

Types of Videos that work for You

We produce a wide range of videos for the corporate world. More and more corporations are looking for video production services. SeriousNews has a working relationship with some major corporations to handle their video production needs. Click to Learn more about our corporate video production.
Employment and training videos have become a very popular choice for organizations to train new staff and update existing staff on new procedures.
Click to Learn more about our training videos.
Clients are all looking for videos to share through social media. All the videos we produce will work with your social media and web based platform. We produce online videos for Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.
Click here to lean more about social media video production in Winnipeg.
Online education is growing in popularity every year. SeriousNews has produced multiple videos for the online education industry and distant learning.
Click here to lean more about online education video production.
Looking to get your special event recorded? SeriousNews specializes in recording your event, conference, lecture, and more.
Click here to lean more about having your event video recorded.
SeriousNews has experience working with health professionals in Winnipeg to create training and medical procedure videos.
Safety training and workplace videos go hand in hand. SeriousNews goes the extra mile to produce quality safety videos that your employees will understand.
Click here to lean more about safety video production.
SeriousNews produces promotional material to showcase your product, service, or event. We have worked with major venus in Winnipeg to provide video production services.
Click here to lean more about promotional video production in Winnipeg.
Videos are an excellent way to brand your products and services. SeriousNews produces marketing and branding videos to suit your needs. We also provide branding services for your already created videos.
Click to Learn more about our marketing and branding videos.
SeriousNews provides closed captioning services for broadcast television. If your video needs CC services we can provide you with trusted results for file based captions, srt files, line 21 and more.
Click here to lean more about hiring SeriousNews for closed captioning services.
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