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SeriousNews has adapted to the big changes in the video production industry. No longer do the big video production houses hold all the value. In fact its now the opposite. SeriousNews uses a streamlined business model that cuts out the huge over-head of the larger production houses. Your costs won’t be paying for layers of management, and multiple salaries to produce a single job. Technology has caught up and levelled the playing field. This allows a streamlined video production company like SeriousNews to produce the exact same high quality productions as the larger production houses at better rates. Plus you get to work individually with an expert in every aspect of production

Work with a Video Production Expert

In the past, you got your value from the advanced equipment provided by large produciton houses. Now that technology has levelled the playing field and professional equipment is more widely available the real value is working with an expert. Contact Kevin Klymchuk and get started today.

Customer Service 7 Days a Week and Holidays

SeriousNews provides video production services that work around your schedule. We will be there 24/7 to accomplish the job you requested. You will also get personal service the whole way from concept to completion. 

3 Reasons to Hire Us

SeriousNews is the first video production company in Winnipeg to fully adapt to the changing industry. Our modern approach allows clients to receive a higher level of customized service, faster turn around times, and leading edge advice and direction on all your video production projects.
Our Streamlined business model allows us to offer you the best video production rates in Winnipeg. It also keeps money in your pocket because you won’t be paying for layers of management and unnecessary overhead that larger production houses carry. When you work with SeriousNews you get to work directly with an industry expert for the duration of the project.
SeriousNews provides professional video production services in Winnipeg. Our track record speaks for itself. Over the years both large and small companies, corporate and non-profit have used our video production services and achieved their goals.
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