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SeriousNews is the leader in real estate video production in Winnipeg. We specialize in video tours, agent and agency promotional videos, HDR photography and more. We provide the video solutions you need to succeed.

Real Estate Videos Winnipeg

SeriousNews has revolutionized property marketing in Winnipeg. We are the first and only company to offer full scale video production at a price point everyone can afford. SeriousNews shoots a complete Real Estate video production package. These videos are designed to sell property, market the agent, and promote their brand. We have taken the concept of real estate videos to another level in Winnipeg. We implement a modern approach to the concept that no other company offers at this price point. SeriousNews is proud to be the innovator of this video production model.

We also recognize that every agent needs something a little different.  To solve this – all video packages are customizable to the needs of the agent. Once we meet to discuss your needs, we will come up with a solution that works for you.  One of the other important things we offer is real estate scheduling.

SeriousNews will work around your schedule to give you the time needed to get that last minute deal complete and ready for the market.

Some examples of the more popular types of videos include video tours , virtual tours, agent promotional videos, marketing and branding videos for your property. We produce videos for both residential and commercial listings.

Below is a video example of a full feature production package.  This video contains branded intro and closing animations for the agent, agent no-camera intro, voice over, HD video production of the house, agent on-camera closing the video.  This style video can be shot in the same time it takes to do photography, and it can be edited and uploaded to an agents youtube channel in less the 24 hours.  If needed, SeriousNews can also do the photography at the same time while shooting the real estate video.  Click here to see photography samples.

The Reasons to Choose Us

  • Real HD video.  Not Animated Still Photos
  • Experienced Provider of Real Estate Videos
  • Specialized in the Winnipeg Area
  • On Time, and On Budget
  • Work directly with an Expert
  • Best Rates in Winnipeg
  • Flexible Options
  • One place for all Your needs

Real Estate Videos Winnipeg

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