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We produce professional school safety videos that cover a variety of important subjects such as Fire Drills, and injury situations. We also produce advanced videos that cover more serious topics such as school bomb threats, suspicious packages, school lockdowns and hold and secure procedures.

School Safety Videos that Work

School safety is very important for children, teachers, and parents. It allows children to fully concentrate and learn in an environment where everyone feels safe. Due to the increase of school incidents such as fires, injuries, and violence, its impotent to ensure everyone in an educational facility is trained to act if a situation happens. Safety videos that demonstrate the correct procedures during an unexpected event will save lives.

SeriousNews video production has worked with educational facilities to produce videos for school safety on a variety of topics. They have also worked closely with Winnipeg Police and Fire Departments to produce videos that follow the correct procedures and provide realistic training situations. These details along with professional visuals will provide your educational facility with safety videos that work.
Below is a recent example of a current video that is being produced for a community college in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Reasons to Choose Us

  • Experienced Provider of School Safety Videos
  • Experienced working with Winnipeg Police Services, and Fire Departments
  • On Time, and On Budget
  • Work directly with an Expert
  • Best Rates in Winnipeg
  • Flexible Options
  • One place for all Your needs

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