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We produce videos for online education, eLearning, and distance education. Finished videos are designed to work within your learning management system. We provide the video solutions you need to succeed.

Elearning & Online Educational Videos Winnipeg

AE-learning has become increasingly popular for the education industry as well as the workforce. SeriousNews specializes in the development of videos designed to fit into your learning management system (LMS) and be fully Scorm compliant. We produce video lectures that can be delivered through the web using your online platform. Our methods make distance learning simple and affordable.

The benefits of elearning are almost endless. Adult learners who want to train in a specific area now have the opportunity to do it at any give time and at their own pace in a flexable mannor. Elearning also benefits new employees breaking into a company and also veteran employees who need to upgrade their skills. Elearning videos are an accessable and affordable option for training and development teams.

The Reasons to Choose Us

  • Experienced producer of eLearning Videos
  • Professional Video Production Services
  • On Time, and On Budget
  • Work directly with an Expert
  • Best Rates in Winnipeg
  • Flexible Options
  • One place for all Your needs

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